A period tracker and ovulation tracker application available for iPhone and Android with lots of features!

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Period Track - your smart period and ovulation tracker application.

A free, smart & mobile period tracker, custom fit for you. Never lose your dates again.

Period Track is available for both iPhone and Android.

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Our smart algorithm predicts your cycles

We call it smart for a reason - It gets smarter every day!

Period Track helps you track your cycle and ovulation like you've never before experienced.

Push Notifications

Receive our calendar notifications and reminders via Push Notifications.

Available 24/7

Your data online in one place. Never bound to a specific phone or device.

Facebook? Optional

We accept both Facebook and e-mail accounts! Whichever you prefer is fine.

Privacy matters

Your information is kept private at all times. We care about our users, a lot!

Play a fun Game

If you're ever bored, just open our App, select "Play" and start playing!

We're here for you

Unlike other tracking Apps, we're here to respond to your questions and requests.

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