5 Reasons Your Period Could Be Late [Infographic]

Photo: Rachel Crowe

Unless you’re actively trying to have a baby, getting your period is a monthly sign that you’re not pregnant, and can be a relief.

So what happens when you’re on point with tracking your cycle, but no bleeding happens on day 1?

Before you panic and buy pregnancy tests, consider these 5 possibilities for why your period might be later than usual. Continue reading “5 Reasons Your Period Could Be Late [Infographic]”

How Your Skin Changes Throughout Your Cycle

And how keeping track of your cycle can help your skin glow. 

Photo: Åse Bjøntegård Oftedal

You thought your skin was either oily or dry or normal, right? Actually, your skin can keep you guessing throughout the month, thanks to the constantly-changing hormone levels in your body every 28 days or so. But if you keep track and anticipate hormone changes, you might see some major benefits for your skin.  Continue reading “How Your Skin Changes Throughout Your Cycle”

8 Period Myths That Should Be Put to Rest

Bear attacks? No swimming? Really?

We’ve heard a million different pieces of advice for while you’re on your period. But so many of them are untrue. Why do we keep hearing them? And where did these myths come from anyway?

We’re looking at myths that range from believable to bizarre. Don’t believe everything you hear, and when in doubt, consult a reliable source…or a doctor. Continue reading “8 Period Myths That Should Be Put to Rest”

5 Steps to Getting Through Mother’s Day

When you’re longing to be a mother.

Photo: Valeria Boltneva

If the barrage of tear-inducing television ads and talk of special Sunday brunches hasn’t tipped you off, Mother’s Day is approaching. It can be a beautiful holiday to celebrate the mothers in our lives, true.  

But what about those of us who are aching to be mothers and don’t have a child yet?

Women hoping to get pregnant find Mother’s Day much more difficult than enjoyable.

For those of us who feel this way, we’re offering six suggestions to get through Mother’s Day without feeling emotionally drained.
Continue reading “5 Steps to Getting Through Mother’s Day”

Should I Talk About My Cycle With My Partner?

Let’s talk menstruation.

Photo: Joshua Ness

Aunt flo, red tide, that time of month, shark week. There are literally thousands of euphemisms for menstruation so that you don’t have to talk about it, but what happens when we do want to share?

And what happens when you want to share with those closest to you? Sharing is easier than ever with period tracking apps, but how do you know which information to share, and what to keep to yourself?

So…what’s the answer? What’s the right amount of sharing, and how much is too much? What’s the right answer? Wait for it…. Continue reading “Should I Talk About My Cycle With My Partner?”

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