Methods to Deal With Your Period While Camping

For some ladies, periods can be an awkward and personal topic. Some may think that it’s difficult to ask, “What am I expected to do in the outdoors in case I’m on my period?”. What’s more, male aides or teachers may skirt the issue, evading a subject they may not feel educated about. If some women are reluctant to ask and men feel awkward explaining, we risk damage and to the outdoor places we visit if our periods are not dealt with big importance.

But have no fear! We are here to show you what to do with your pads, menstrual cups, tampons and urine, so you can protect the beautiful places you visit. We disperse legends about period smell pulling in bears and tricks to keep modern woman happy and healthy outdoors! So, in case you’re a lady going to take off on an outdoors adventure and you can tell your friends. In case you’re a male or female guide or teacher utilize this data to instruct your students prior to the trip so everyone knows and feels good.

Pack Out Tampons & Pads:

Tampons and pads are for the most part made out of synthetic fibers or have plastic that oppose disintegration. Because of this, all things must be pressed out. This limits contamination, keeps the spread of disease, and limits aesthetic effects. Wrap these things in toilet paper and pack out in a Ziploc or water bottle secured with Duck Tape.

On the other hand, you can use the surgical glove trick: take out your tampon, then remove the glove by turning it inside out with the tampon inside. Tie up the end of the glove and pack out in Ziploc bags or a water bottle covered with tape. Whenever possible, use thinner pads and small tampons in order to decrease the measure of waste and mass that should be stuffed out. If odors are a problem, add crushed aspirin or tea bags to minimize smell. You can prep these things previously to your excursion so you are very much arranged.

Dig A Cathole When Urinating:

In case you’re using a menstrual cup, pack out the menstrual liquid to the closest repository. If you don´t have the chance to do this you can try this other option: bury in a 6\8″ profound cathole at least 200ft from any water source, campground or trail. Generally cathole’s are saved for dung waste and pee can be kept on rocks or vegetation. Notwithstanding, in case you’re on your period you’ll need to dig a cathole for pee too. This keeps the spread of illness, ensure untamed life, and limit tasteful effects.

You can boil your water to clean your menstrual cup. Neve flush in streams or lakes because of giardia and other disease concerns as well as the pollution of clean drinking water sources. Take water 200 ft from source to bubble and purge before cleaning.

Store Waste Properly from Bears:

Research demonstrates no proof that black and grizzly bears are particularly attracted to menstrual waste, however in any case these things – like all smellables (anything scented that could draw in creatures like lip salve, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) must be securely put away while in bear country use a bear canister or do a bear hang.

For the Modern Woman

Use iPhone or Android applications like Period Track that can disclose to you when your period is doing and what your flow might be. This is a great method to plan ahead and prepare before going on a long trip while camping. Use thin panties to minimize the pads and tampons you carry with you. In case you are a teacher or guide, make sure to explain these tips to your group in order to encourage ladies to feel great about going on camping even in their periods.

Ready to start tracking your cycle?

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