Let’s talk menstruation.

Photo: Joshua Ness

Aunt flo, red tide, that time of month, shark week. There are literally thousands of euphemisms for menstruation so that you don’t have to talk about it, but what happens when we do want to share?

And what happens when you want to share with those closest to you? Sharing is easier than ever with period tracking apps, but how do you know which information to share, and what to keep to yourself?

So…what’s the answer? What’s the right amount of sharing, and how much is too much? What’s the right answer? Wait for it…. Continue reading “Should I Talk About My Cycle With My Partner?”

Period Track, our Period Tracker application, can also help you remember Doctor’s appointments.

Just click on the given date and select Doctor’s appointment. We’ll let you know 5 days in advance, then again the day before.

And if you haven’t added a Doctor’s appointment in quite some time, we send you reminders to get checked! We want to help you stay healthy and connected with your body.

Ready to give us a try? https://www.periodtrack.com

Period Track is available for both Android and iOS. Among its features:

Facebook Login, optional! Signup is available via e-mail as well as using your Facebook account.

An instant report – Access statistics regarding your Cycles in a matter of seconds!

Automatic observations – Should the app identify anomalies related to your period or your Cycle, we let you know right away! So that you can check with your Doctor. Continue reading “The Best Period Tracking application for your phone”