New release: Period Track for Android and iOS is ready for download!

We’re happy to announce the release of Period Track 1.2.3 for iOS and 1.2.0 for Android. All user feedback has been integrated in our latest release. 

period trackerPeriod Track is the perfect assistant to delegate the tracking of your period, ovulation, cycle, fertile days and more.

Swipe through the screen to scroll through your Calendar in a relaxed manner.

The prediction on your cycle becomes increasingly accurate thanks to our intelligent algorithm, based on the information you provide through the Calendar screen.

Notifications for your period, cycle and ovulation are sent to your device via PUSH, so you don’t need to open the app to receive our reminders. We got you covered.

We also remind you to attend your Doctor at least once a year. After all, helping you stay Healthy is one of our goals.

Have a record of your symptoms, cervical mucus, temperature, weight, and of course, moods during your cycle. It all helps the app become smarter on its predictions, regardless if your period is irregular o regular.

period tracker

Did anyone say Alexa?

One great feature of Period Track, is the Alexa Skill compatibility – You may find that here. Ask Alexa via voice commands to know more about your Cycle, Ovulation, Prediction, and so on. Alexa and Period Track together become a perfect match to help you track your period and cycle.

To get Alexa working all you need is an active Period Track account (e-mail based), enabling the Period Track skill through Alexa, and linking the account via the Alexa App. Super simple.


Other cool stuff included in Period Track..

    • The Cycle Phases section where you have a visual period trackerwalkthrough on your whole cycle.
    • period trackerOffline Calendar, in case your network connection is down
    • The app size in terms of memory is small, more space in your device memory for photos!
  • Removing Ads is super easy – it only requires sharing our promotional Video via Facebook. Then again, Ads aren’t really annoying – we have strategically positioned them at the bottom of most screens.

Stats? oh, that too!

Who doesn’t like graphs! Get instant access to a Report containing your information. Oh and a game.. free to play!

period tracker period tracker

Don’t want to reveal your identity? That’s perfectly fine! We love that!

period tracker

Our Period Track apps allows both Facebook as well as E-mail signups – the latter is way more anonymous – so feel free to signup and login via E-mail.

And if you’re wondering where all the data is going: all entered  information is securely stored in our servers – making it possible to instantly recover your account and its data in case you change or lose your device. All data is encrypted using state of the art technology.





Looking for more? Watch our promotional video!

Ready to start tracking your cycle?

Download Period Track from the Google Play Store Download Period Track from the Apple AppStore