One of the main reasons numerous ladies prefer to not go on birth control pills is the dread of potential weight gain. In any case, is that extremely evident, only a urban legend or a mix of the two? The time has come to bust some myths!

Do birth control pills lead to weight gain?

Yes, however it is a temporary side effect. So it is a Yes and a No answer.

How Temporary Are We Talking?

For reasons unknown, normally close to a few months. The weight gain that you can recognize isn’t real weight gain. Instead of fat accumulation, your body ups its liquid retention. This is because of the sudden increment in hormones and the influx of estrogen that goes hand in hand with taking the pill.

What’s more, the liquid retention is an issue that gets itself straightened out as your body changes with the pill and the hormones and it generally disappears in just a couple of months.

The Myth Explored Further

The pills of today are considerably more streamlined than when they initially appeared. Harking back to the 1960s, those pills contained insane high measures of estrogen and of progestin – much more than is really required – thus they may have prompted weight gains, because of fluid retention.

The birth control pills of today have much lower measures of hormones and are more tweaked; thus after 50 years, they don’t have a similar impact on putting on weight.

So How Much Weight Will Temporary Fluid Retention Yield?

Everyone is unique, thus the measure of water weight picked up in those initial three months will vary, yet the general accord is by all accounts around one to four pounds. Once more, however, this increase should shed away within three months.

Estrogen, Right?

Estrogen, being a hormone, plays a role in appetite and cravings. And keeping in mind that the measure of estrogen in the pill is much lower nowadays, as referenced above, it is still there thus causing some women to feel hungrier than usual.

The Usual Suspects

Obviously, there are numerous different elements that can prompt weight gain and that can essentially happen in your life around a similar time you start taking the pill: stress, dietary changes, lifestyle – all these can affect hunger and since the weight gain simply happens to correspond with beginning the pill, birth control is blamed.
Keep in mind that no one is completely equal so, hormonal anti-conception pills may influence you in an unexpected way. Keep note of your wellbeing, weight and in case of any worries, reach out to your doctor for professional information


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