Questions & Answers

  • What are the Automatic Observations mentioned in the Report?

Period Track cares about you! Our algorithm identifies anomalies in your Cycle and displays in the Report section information on what we think is best for you to check with your Gynecologist.

  • Why do I need to be connected to use the App?

Period Track works online at all times and saves your calendar information using state of the art encryption. This translates into your information being available to you disregarding whether you lose or change your phone.

  • How do notifications arrive to my phone?

Period Track does not need the app to be open at the time of sending you notifications. We use both PUSH messages (they get pushed to your phone directly, from the Internet) as well as EMAIL for notifications.

  • Why is Period Track so exact? is Witchcraft involved?

Our smart algorithm uses information on your previous Cycles (which you’ve already entered through the App) in order to precisely identify how your Cycle works.

  • Will it work on my Android phone?

Of course! Download Period Track from the Play Store today.

  • Will it work on my iPhone?

Absolutely! Period Track can be found at the App Store – Click on this link to access the App Store and check us out!

  • Do you require Facebook to Sign In?

Facebook is optional! So Yes, it’s allowed – but should you want to prevent Period Track from being linked to your Facebook account (although we promise we won’t Post a thing!) then you can easily sign-up by providing an e-mail address and selecting a password.