Taking Your Daughter To The Gynecologist for the First Time?

For a young lady, “gynecologist” can be terrifying. Walking into the examination room, most young ladies won’t comprehend what to expect, so usually left to her mom or parental figure to help her through the procedure. While you may utilize your very own experience as a timetable for when to take your little girl to the gynecologist, each person is unique.

For those pondering when they ought to take their daughter for her first visit, you may seek for a clear and obvious answer, yet we’re here to let you know – there is none! While you may need a correct age, you won’t find an answer to that, however there is a progression of conditions. In case you’re searching for the correct time to take her for her first visit to the gynecologist, this is what to pay special attention to.

With regards to getting their period, the average age for young ladies is 12 years old. In view of this number, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists sets 13-15 as the age extend when young ladies should initially visit the gynecologist. The truth is that most young ladies will come back from this examination to find that everything is working fine. While most won’t use this age range as a sign to take their daughter for their first visit, there are a couple of conditions that should act as a clear sign to schedule an appointment.

Is She Sexually Active?

While you probably won’t know about it, your daughter might be sexually active. As per Planned Parenthood, the normal age when young men and young ladies lose their virginity is 17 years old while likewise showing that half of secondary school students have just engaged in sexual relations. This implies quite possibly your high daughter could be sexually active. In the event that she is, this is a distinct sign to take her to the gynecologist. While it’s easy to get contraceptives at any store, taking her to the gynecologist is an unquestionable requirement to check her sexual health yet in addition to perform a STD screening.

Has She Missed Her Period?

In case you’re not sexually active, a missed period may be an indication of fluctuating hormones. If you are sexually active, it could be an indication of pregnancy. On the off chance that your daughter is sexually active and you have to take her to see a gynecologist, a missed period makes this first visit vital. While she may take oral contraceptives or use condoms, neither one of the methods is 100% fool proof, so a visit to the gynecologist is relevant.

It is safe to say that she is Experiencing Abnormal Discharge?

As a rule, vaginal discharge is normal. It’s really a way to help shield the vagina from disease. Before you interpret this as meaning that all release is normal, it’s most certainly not! Outside of your period, most vaginal release ought to show up on the shading scale from clear to white-ish.

If any discharge that any release is accompanied with tingling or with a thick, uneven consistency, this can be the indication of a disease. Any release that shows up in hues, for example, yellow, dark, or green are the indication of something serious and are a prompt sign to take your little daughter to the gynecologist.

Your daughter first gynecological visit can’t really be secured to a particular age, yet once she gets her period, the time begins ticking. The truth is no age’s too soon to take her, however there is a probability that you can take her past the point of no return! In the event that you’d rather be erring on the side of caution, take her for a visit around the season of her first period, and you’ll already have her on the path to great reproductive health!

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