The Importance of Tracking your Period

The expression “Know thyself” is old as Ancient Egypt, since it is inscribed on the walls of the sanctuary at Luxor. One engraving peruses “The body is the house of God.” [That is the reason it is said] “Man, know thyself”. Another says, “Man, know thyself, and you will know the gods”.

In any case, it’s entirely evident that Ancient human civilizations felt that understanding one’s own body (and character) would result in the most elevated type of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

Along these lines, this week, we uncover how tracking the menstrual cycle truly can prompt more noteworthy edification as far as enhanced wellbeing and prosperity – despite the fact that we can’t make any guarantees about achieving ultimate spiritual fulfilment, otherwise known as Nirvana.

It Can Save Your Life

As beforehand said, numerous individuals are ignorant of the five gynecological growths (womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal) due in substantial part to the taboo on female reproductive anatomy. Less still know about the indications related with these cancers, thus may reject the early cautioning indications of genuine sickness. Truth be told, the high death rate of gynecological diseases (40%), is to a great extent down to postponed medicinal consideration.

On the off chance that you have a menstrual cycle, track it for no less than 3 months, to pick up a feeling of what is ‘normal’ for you. This makes any new, or surprising, gynecological indications  simple to spot. The way toward following the cycle builds the measure of consideration paid to generally health and wellbeing and can even boost confidence in knowing when to look for professional help.

It Can Enhance Your Life

Indeed, consider the possibility that you followed your menstrual cycle for a couple of months, making a note of any temperament, or physical, changes. Before long, you would have the capacity to foresee them… So, perhaps you could take a painkiller the prior night you hope to get those appalling period issues.

For those women who experience cyclical changes in their mod, following your symptoms can be amazingly empowering, by lessening the pressure caused by ‘not knowing why’ you feel anxious, low, or peevish, and expanding the measure of control you believe you have over your feelings.

It Can Inform Your Doctor’s Diagnosis

So if you have followed your side effects over somewhere around three menstrual cycles, you can show this to your specialist, who will now be able to make a more informed diagnosis. If there is a pattern to your symptoms, it is possible that your hormones are affecting, if not causing, your ill health. Assuming this is the case, a hormone-adjusting eating regimen can work ponders, and is worth attempting before depending on hormonal, or some other kind of, prescriptions.

Tracking your health after some time can likewise help in the event that you are starting a new medicine (hormonal or not). Most meds have either just been tried on men, or on a few ladies, but usually those beyond reproductive age. This is for a variety of reasons, yet the fundamental outcome is that in the event that you have a menstrual cycle, you may respond severely, or encounter a reaction that isn’t recorded on the drug data sheet.

Anyway you track your period, it is critical to:

  • Track every one of the indications that you encounter
  • Record side effects every day
  • Indicate when you take any medication(s)
  • Indicate the seriousness of manifestations (e.g. M-moderate, S-severe)

Knowing this information, Period Track objective is to help modern women to have a perfect tracking of their period as well of their emotions, sexual encounters, symptoms and also to schedule appointments with your doctor. If you find this app useful, spread the voice!

Ready to start tracking your cycle?

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