Traveling on Your Period

As much as you wish you could plan your period around that beach trip you’ve been sitting tight for, sometimes it’s simply unrealistic. Now and again, you should forfeit an adorable outfit to make space for some period items in your luggage. In any case, don’t overwhelm, for all isn’t lost. There’s  yet an approach to make your travel endurable, if not pleasant, with our attempted and confided tips.

Before Departure

When packing your baggage, remember three essential things: your destination, which phase of your cycle you’re in, and how long you will be travelling for. On the off chance that your cycle simply finished and you’re going for a two-week long travel, you will not have to have a segment of your sack devoted exclusively to period items.

On the contrary end of the range, in case you’re travelling for a month or more, we prescribe examining your destination(s) previously. Do they have sufficient access to all that you require amid your period? Have you planned this into your travel expenditure? How would you ask, “Excuse me, where are the tampons?” In the local dialect? These are altogether awesome approaches to begin with your research.

In transit

We should begin with the genuine demonstration of travelling first. Train and plane restrooms can be a dubious space to change your sanitary products, so on the off chance that you know your period is around the corner, it’s best to travel prepared. We recommend packing:

  • A roll of toilet paper (regardless of how bizarre it might appear when your carry-on is passed under the scanner)
  • A travel-sized bottle of sanitiser
  • A strip of painkillers (in case you’re utilizing the strong stuff, it’s best to carry a prescription along in the event of some unforeseen issue)
  • A pack of your preferred sanitary protection
  • Additional underwear

You may pack these things in both your carry-n and checked-in luggage. After all, you always need to be cautious because you don’t want to be caught in a messy situation. In the event that you encounter cramping, take a walk down the city to extend your muscles.


In case you’re venturing out to a territory with simple access to period items, sanitary disposal, and general period stuff, stock up when you arrive. You won’t have any desire to pass up a major opportunity for touring on the grounds because you were stuck searching for some pads.

Be that as it may, in case you’re going on an adventurous voyage, similar to a trek or outdoors trip, do a quick run-through to guarantee you’ve stuffed all that you need. Bear in mind a pack of vaginal wipes, toilet paper, and a carry bag to dispose your used sanitary items in – you would prefer not to contribute to period waste mismanagement during your holiday.

This holiday, don’t disregard your wanderlust’s call. Simply be arranged and have a decent time!

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