What’s new in version 2.9.1 for iPhone / iPad

We have news for you! Period Track for iPhone / iPad has incorporated a great series of changes that we consider to be positive and important to shed some light on. They will soon be available in the Android version.

What are we talking about? Let’s see…

1) Pink is no longer the only color.

It took us a while, We know! Finally, we managed to incorporate in the application the possibility of changing the color palette. Among the current options are the traditional Pink, the Blue, and a Turquoise green. From the Settings option within the App you can choose the option that you like the most.

2) PREGNANCY mode without notifications.

The new pregnancy mode can be activated or deactivated from the Settings screen. While enabled, the Calendar will stop bothering you with notifications via e-mail or Push related to your Cycle.

3) Most fertile day.

If you are looking to conceive, this will be helpful. Within the fertile window displayed in the calendar, we now highlight the day in which the chances of getting pregnant are higher. Remember to always check with your gynecologist!

4) Various aesthetic changes. See below some of the major changes:


5) Delete your Account and your Data.

Just as we care about protecting the information that you enter in your Calendar, we also understand the importance of providing you with the option of deleting your Account and your Data in our service. In the Settings screen you can, at the touch of a button (and after confirming the action), delete ALL of your data stored in our servers, including your account. The data is deleted for good! Meaning we hope you use the option only if you have thought about it carefully.

6) A Blog within the application.

We incorporate our Blog into the App, so you can keep up to date with articles and news that we think may interest you.

That is all for now! The changes have been initially integrated into iOS for iPhone / iPad and will soon be reflected in Android phones.

Ready to start tracking your cycle?

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