Why You Should Discard Scented Period Products

We’re so grateful to be living in these modern times. Think about it: only one hundred years prior, ladies were wearing restrictive corsets and layers upon layers of thick petticoats. (Would you be able to envision how uneasy it must have been on a sweltering summer day?) Yes, you are right: some of trends are better to leave in the past.

As history has advanced, the craving for comfort and wellbeing has gradually begun to win over obsolete standards (thank goodness!). The next item we could all benefit from leaving behind? Scented period products.

We’ve discussed the perils of traditional period products previously. In any case, the subject of scent (particularly with regards to your vagina!) is one that merits jumping more deeply.

We’re simply going to state it: your vagina is kind of a big deal. It is splendidly intended to carry out its job and the less we do to meddle with its marvelous cosmetics, the better. When you introduce scented items to the zone, a couple not really attractive things begin to occur:

1) Aromas and scents fail to do what they are intended to. When you use these items in your body, they can multiply odor causing bacteria. After some time using these products you can be facing bacterial vaginosis from bacterial abundance.
2) Since the skin in your vagina is extremely retentive, introducing these synthetics into your body might be considerably more destructive than ingesting them through your stomach, which has natural detoxifying systems in place. This gives the toxins found in scented items direct access to your circulation system – which is a major warning!
3) When these toxins hit your circulation system, the synthetic substances found in many scents may cause hormone interruption, birth deformities, infertility, or cancer.

So, why were these products introduced to the market in the first place? It may be difficult to know for sure, yet one hypothesis is that they were intended to market women’s insecurities. Which conveys us to the greatest purpose of all: there is nothing to be embarrassed when it comes to your period!

In case you’re stressed over vaginal odor, most occasions an intensive (yet delicate!) cleansing with water will work. If the odor persist it might be a good idea to look at it with your specialist. In you have relied on this kind of products for a long time and the idea of leaving them makes you nervous, simply realize that the feminine cycle is the most normal process on the planet and is really the vagina’s method for purging itself. Anything that tells you the opposite about this, is just another form of menstrual shame. Say no to that shame and take care of your body!

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